Operating in the Greater Toronto Area for over 30 years,

Napa Valley Contracting has earned a reputation for

excellence in construction, superior quality,

polished design, and supreme customer care.

Meet Joe...

Joe Ferrara, founding owner of Napa Valley Contracting, isn’t afraid to let his fervent commitment to the highest calibre of customer satisfaction show. In fact, his legendary enthusiasm led one client to say that the passion Joe has infuses all projects with an energy boost akin to “a double espresso with a shot of Red Bull.”

Like many builders that are proficient in their craft, Joe started honing his skills early. It wasn't unusual to see him, hammer in hand, helping his dad on their Pickering farm when he was just 8 years old. In his late teens, he and his brother Sam were contracted to frame houses for some of the most successful Toronto builders. This experience had Joe’s hands in every aspect of the building trade, from foundation work for large buildings to intricate finishes inspired by leading architects.

Soon, Joe's skills would only be matched by his passion to consistently create a positive experience for his clients. His growing reputation continued to precede him, landing him a spot on an early HGTV show, Mondo Condo, even before reality shows expanded into the highly dramatized phenomenon they are today. While the camera rolled, Joe would navigate difficult renovation projects and the stories were captured from start to finish, complete with happy, teary-eyed clients* before the credits rolled.

*Okay, it may have been early days for the genre, but they still scripted drama back then too.

The happiness of our customers will always be our number one priority.

That’s why we’re so humbled when we receive outside recognition as well.

The fruits of our labour often show up in the media.Here are some of the places our work has appeared: