Marca Trattoria

Restaurant in Whitby ON


Before Marca Trattoria first opened their doors for the first time 2011, they knew they wanted to offer something special. Tired of cookie cutter “Italian” chain restaurants featuring bland food and stereotypical décor and over-indulgent “Italian” restaurants offering complex dishes that wouldn’t be recognized on the right side of Italy’s borders, they knew it was time to bring a taste of authentic Italy to downtown Whitby, meaning authentic Italian food, the simple peasant food made with fresh ingredients that is the true heart of Italian dining.


Their chosen location was a historical building, and they needed it to be revived, without losing its charm. The interior needed to be reflective of their mission. A gathering space for family and friends to eat, enjoying life and one another’s company. A place where laughter would ring off the walls like and no one would ever be told to quiet done. The design was to be fun, yet not ostentatious. The customers and lively staff were be providing the exuberance atmosphere, not the décor.


We used the highest standard of materials and a careful attention to detail, making certain the cozy interior allowed for a healthy workflow without losing the intimate setting, transforming the small space into exactly what they’d envisioned.