Custom Homes

Your custom home isn’t just another house. It’s an opportunity to make your vision come to life. This is an exciting time and an abundance of possibilities lay before you. It’s a significant milestone and you need a contractor you can trust. We’re passionate about ensuring your personal project receives enthusiasm, attention to detail, and excellent craftsmanship. We’ll give your dream home the respect it deserves.

Residential Renovations

Every project is different. You may want to tear a room down or build one up. Add a conservatory, build a wine cellar, break down a few walls, create your dream closet, or create a wall of windows and let the sunshine in. What you want to do is your choice, but how we do it, is ours and we choose to give you the best possible service, no matter what you decide. Whatever you imagine, we’ll work to make it happen.

Commercial Projects

You’re a professional and you have a business to run. You need a contractor who’s familiar with all the steps necessary to bring your project to fruition. It’s not just about building codes and bylaws, important as those things are. It’s about people. There’s employees to consider, adjoining businesses, and impact on the neighbourhood. A commercial renovation or custom build requires a certain finesse and it’s one in which we’re well versed, making it easier for you to focus on what you do best.


The restaurant business is tough. Whether you’re planning a major renovation, or opening up your first, 10th, or even 277th location, the stress is always overwhelming. We have an extraordinary amount of experience with the restaurant industry. We know the pressure. On top of the usual worries in a commercial project, you also have a particular interest in floor space, outlet locations, storage, and strength of accessory builds. We know what it takes to handle all of the above. You’re busy getting ready for your upcoming customers, you’ve enough on your plate.