Harry and Lynne James

“In 25 years of investing in real estate, we've dealt with many contractors. After the first time we used Napa Valley, we knew we'd be calling them again. The professionalism and pride in their craft they displayed from the very first day instilled us with a confidence that lasted straight through to project completion and their incredible finished product sealed the deal. We only wish we'd found them sooner.”
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Manager, Marca On Main

“Trying to manage an efficient staff in an inefficient space is a nightmare in this business. Too often, a functional floor plan is sacrificed for the sake of style, but this layout allows the flow necessary to provide great service. Not only that, the high aesthetic appeal is due in part to the quality of the materials. There’s nothing worse than trying to maintain a poorly built bar top or worrying that one more canister will collapse the shelves. Not having to stress about these details leaves me free to create the dining out experience our patrons deserve.”

Nick Salpietro

“Joe, many thanks. Your obvious enthusiasm throughout the renovation made all the difference in the world. If I ever need any more work done, I know who to call. Beautiful job!”

Annette and Sal Valdes

“Although we’d often pictured the end result, our home now looks even better than we imagined. The layout gives us the space we never had. Now, when it’s time for family get-togethers, we say, ‘Come to us!’”