Hiring a contractor is a frightening task.
We understand.

It seems every other day you read another story about a contractor bailing out mid-project leaving their clients to deal with the fallout. Not to mention all the nightmarish tales about way-off estimates, wasted time, substandard materials, and mediocre finished projects. It’s no wonder that what should be such an exciting time for you is fraught with tension and uncertainty.

Some of these matters simply arise from a lack of clarity or unintentional misinterpretations, something we ensure never happens with our clients by listening to your concerns, answering your questions, and being straightforward from day one. Unfortunately, in other cases, the negative reputation of contractors has been well earned. Back of the napkin deals done out of pickup trucks has cost people millions of dollars, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of Canadian property owners. You can’t put a price tag on all the heartache and disappointment endured.

It’s our opinion that since our goal is to help you build your tangible, lasting investment, it’s only fair we put our money where our mouth is. Our roots are in Markham, Ontario. In offices that were built and designed by our team. Should we earn the right to work on your project, we can come to you or you can visit us at our location in the Old Town Hall on Main Street Markham. Our setup ensures there is always a person you can talk to if you want an update on your project or need an answer to an urgent question. References, testimonials, and pictures of our finished projects are readily available for you anytime. We also are happy to arrange site visits so you can see and touch our work firsthand.

Bottom line? Renovations and construction are stressful and while we can't completely alleviate your anxiety, we can certainly provide you with a tremendous amount of information to ensure the journey is smooth. There are always surprises, delays and many twists and turns. No two jobs are the same and things outside of everyone's control tend to happen. No one likes disruption and cost overruns, including us. Our formula for a successful project combines realistic expectations with regular communication and our results regularly exceed expectations. It’s our happy customers who keep us busy and we commit every day to keeping customer satisfaction our top priority.